Pray for the Hope Center, as they serve more and more people in our community. We ask that God would lead the volunteers needed, and He would open doors to provide medicine, testing, and care for those who are hurting. Even more, we ask that the hearts of people coming in would be open to the message of the Good News of Jesus.

Pray for Women’s Care Medical, as they stand in the gap for the unborn, for women, and for men. We pray for provision of needs, protection of women and babies, and that God would use Women’s Care as a tool to change the lives of those in our community who need them.

Pray for the Robertsdale Campus set-up team as they work each week, behind the scenes, to make Robertsdale High School feel like home for all who attend. Pray that God would bless them, strengthen them, and give them joy in their service.

Pray for each campus pastor as they minister to church members and the community, while also managing the stress that comes with construction and growth. Pray for wisdom, patience, joy, and a blessing over their families.

Pray for the Thomasville Campus staff as they seek to make an impact in the rural communities around them. We ask that God would create opportunities throughout Clarke County to invest and minister to families, and that through 3Circle, the life-changing message of the gospel would be proclaimed.

Pray for each construction site and worker- that God would keep them safe and provide the supplies needed for each project. We ask that God would use these projects and our people to impact the lives of all who work at each campus.

Pray for the Robertsdale Campus staff team as they serve in temporary locations, aiming to make a permanent impact in the community of Robertsdale. We ask that God use them to encourage and invest in families, local schools, and the surrounding area. May God grant them energy, creativity, and flexibility as they serve.

Pray for our Midtown Campus staff and volunteers as they continue to make a difference in the families in their community. We ask that God gives them vision for His people and provides the volunteers and resources needed to meet daily needs.

Pray for the MidWay Mentorship Program, as young men and women receive mentorship and receive life skills to empower them to be able to approach their future with hope and purpose.

Pray for our Daphne Campus staff team, as they work in the midst of construction. We ask that God would strengthen them, and give them patience, renewed vision, and joy.

Pray for our Fairhope Campus, as it works to impact our community through ministries and facilities. We pray that God would use the new gym facility to connect with families, schools, and local programs.

Pray for the parking teams at all of our campuses. We ask that they be reminded of their impact and give them wisdom to manage any disruptions. Give them joy and encouragement, and parking lots full of patient people.

Pray for the families that call 3Circle home. We ask God to keep us unified and focused on the mission of reaching people for Christ- locally, regionally, and globally. Let us not give way to dissent or distraction, because we know God is moving in a mighty way.

Pray for a heart of generosity throughout 3Circle. We ask that God remind each of us of the source of our “treasures,” and that we would joyfully offer them back to God for His glory and our good.

Pray for all who come to 3Circle to be challenged and changed by the truth of God’s Word, and that change would impact each of our families, jobs, and the communities we live in.

Pray for educators and administrators in Baldwin County, as the area continues to grow. We ask God to meet their needs each day, and to remind them of the impact they are making.

Pray for all levels of leadership in our cities- that they would lead with wisdom, integrity, and humility. We ask that God would raise up who He desires to accomplish His good plan.

Pray for the job market in each of our communities. We ask that God would provide employment opportunities for those in need, and that communities would be blessed by the companies in their area.

Pray for YOUR Church and the Diven family, as they plant a church in Las Vegas, NV. We ask that God would build that community of believers and impact the city with the gospel. For Jack and Kayla, we pray for encouragement, energy, joy, and provision, as they continue to walk in obedience to the calling of God.

Pray for the SEND Network and the churches being planted around our country. We ask for wisdom and vision for the leaders of the network, as they work to provide cities with churches faithful to the Word of God. Pray for each church plant as they do the hard, holy work of stepping into the unknown and making themselves available to God.

Pray for the Ministry Residency Program and those whom God is calling into ministry. Our prayer is that God will use this program to raise up another generation of leaders, faithfully trained for the calling God has placed on their lives.

Pray for Wholesome Riches, who is striving to meet the needs of the people in Camden, New Jersey. Ask God to provide for this community in the middle of this “food desert.” Pray for their ministry needs, food needs, and mentors to invest in the lives of at-risk students in their area.

Pray for Doulos, as they continue to plant churches around the globe. Pray that God will open doors in other countries and raise up local leaders who will share the good news of Christ.

Pray for the Mars Hill Initiative, as it serves the refugees and displaced people coming into Greece. We ask that God would use this ministry as a light of hope to hurting people, and that hearts will be changed by the love of God.

Pray for Roads of Hope, as they work to protect orphans in Eastern Europe from trafficking and violence. Pray protection over each child caught in this darkness, and for hope and a future for each child and family impacted.

Pray for our global missionary partners, who minister to people in places like Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ukraine, Romania, Ecuador, and Peru. Pray that God would meet every need for their families and ministry efforts.