The Thomasville Campus of 3Circle Church is set to impact southwest/ central Alabama for years to come. Located midway between Mobile and Tuscaloosa, the Thomasville Campus is one of the few churches in rural southwest Alabama combining technology, contemporary worship, community engagement, and engaging gospel-centered preaching to impact the culture around us. In a 20-mile radius, there are over 20,000 people that we seek to reach with the gospel, many of whom do not have a church home. We’ve had visitors from as far as 45-minutes away who are seeking a church, and church family, like ours.

While our current facility has been a blessing to us over the years, we are running out of space for our adult and family ministry gatherings. Along with limited space, we are located in an industrial park with little visibility to the community. In rural communities, people see the church as a building. Having our own facility will help give us credibility in the eyes of those we seek to serve.

A new facility, in a more accessible location, with room to grow will be a huge advancement for our campus - whether it’s space for all of our family ministry programs, a paved parking lot, or just being visible as an active part of the community. I cannot express enough the benefit this investment will be to the city of Thomasville, the surrounding communities, and the Kingdom work that is taking place here.

Why should a church like 3Circle invest in a place like Thomasville?

Mark Clifton, Sr. Director of Replanting and Rural Strategy with the North American Mission Board, states that “Over 75% of all U.S. towns have less than 5,000 people. More than 45 million people live in rural America. Quite frankly small towns & rural America are an overlooked mission field.”

3Circle is a church that understands the need for living, active, biblical churches in ALL communities. We hope to be a blueprint for church relationships and investment for metropolitan and rural churches, for years to come.