What began as an experiment at Sweet Home Coffee, in Robertsdale in April 2022, has turned into a 3Circle campus that is reaching hundreds of people on a weekly basis! The life transformation taking place in the hearts of our people is something special, and we are beyond grateful for the generosity that we’ve experienced as 3Circle Robertsdale has been formed.

Currently, we are a portable campus meeting in Robertsdale High School. We are gathering every Sunday at 9:00 and 10:30A. Our student ministry (7th-12th grade) is gathering at the PZK every Wednesday night at 6:00P. While we are benefiting greatly from our partnerships, with both Robertsdale High and Sweet Home, we know that getting our own mailbox in the community will dial up our impact, immensely. Right now, countless man hours are being spent on flipping environments into worship spaces on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. To be sure, this has been awesome in building team camaraderie and chemistry, but we are dreaming of the day that the energy we are spending on set-up and tear-down can be spent reaching our community to a greater extent.

We also know the power of having a base-camp in our community to point people to on Sunday and during the week - a place to call home. A fixture that the community can drive by, and know that we are FOR Robertsdale.

We are thankful that, thus far through the Glory & Good Initiative, we were already able to purchase property to eventually build upon in Robertsdale.

Thank you for your continued generosity!